Sunday, November 14, 2010

SLINO Design Files

Please Note:
I am publishing this information as a personal reference only. If you chose to replicate it, it is at your own risk. This information carries no warranty and has not been thoroughly thought through or engineered. Building and sailing a moth to this design could seriously hurt you and/or cost you a lot of money and/or cause emotional damage.

If you do attempt to replicate derivate from this information please send me an email – I am always interested to see where this design leads. (

See Also:

Documents and Calculations
SL2-A1-01A - Drawing and Document List
SL2-A1-02A - SLINO Build Sequence
SL2-A1-03 - Parts List
SL2-B1-01 - Weight Estimate
SL2-B2-01 - Table of Hydrostatics
SL2-B2-02 - Resistance Prediction


SL2-C1-01 Side Profile Drawing
SL2-C1-02A - General Arrangement

SL2-D1-01A - Hull Lines Drawing

SL2-E1-01A - Hull Construction Drawing
SL2-E1-02__04A - Hull Construction Details
SL2-E2-01__02A -  Centreboard Construction Drawing
SL2-E3-01 Stem and Transom Lug Construction Details
SL2-E4-01 Wing Mounts Construction Details

SL2-F1-01A - Wing Assembly
SL2-F2-01A - Gantry Construction Drawing
SL2-F3-01A - Spreader Construction Drawing
SL2-F4-01A - Running Rigging Arrangement
SL2-F5-01__02A - Cradle Arrangement

SL2-G1-01A - Control System Arrangement
SL2-G1-02A - Control System Parts

SL2-H1-01A - Hull Jig Assembly
SL2-H1-02A - Deck Jig Assembly
SL2-H1-03A - Foredeck Jig Modification

SL2-I1-01A - Carbon Cut File (1)
SL2-I1-02A - Carbon Cut File (2)

SL2-I2-01A - MDF Cut File (1)
SL2-I2-02A - MDF Cut File (2)

SL2-I3-01A - Hull Panel Marking
SL2-I3-02A - Deck Panel Marking

Rhino Models
All models have the same zero point, so you can import (or worksession) the components into a single file.
SL2-R1-01A - Hull Construction
SL2-R1-02A - Hull Jig
SL2-R1-03A - Wings

SL2-R2-01A - Centreboard

SL2-R3-01A - Rudder

SL2-R4-01A - Control System

SL2-R5-01A - Wing Sail

SL2-R9-01A - Cradle


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  5. Great work. I have added a link here:

  6. THANK YOU!! been looking for a project to build with the kids! finally, someone that's willing to share their extensive knowledge :)

    if i ever complete it.. ill name her SLINO and send you youtube links of us getting VERY wet lol