Monday, July 29, 2013

Winter Boat Work 2 - The Second Coming

More progress photos of the boat work. The cb case and frames are in and only need to drop the deck back on to have the structural items done. Then it is onto fairing, painting and modifying the control system. Four weeks turkish...

Hard working little vacuum pump. Thanks Nick Flutter.
Cam wear strips of epoxy.
Re-core worked well.
Temporary mould of Depron and packing tape.
Hull laminate in way of cb case.
Fair then laminate with light carbon on outside.
Locating dowels protrude through for accurate placement of cb case. Worked well.
Ledges for deck attachment.
cb case frames of 100gsm double bias each side of 6mm foam. Notice no lightening holes as these will cut through all the diagonal fibres reducing stiffness and strength.
Hull bottom opened with dremel and file. Very happy with the fit.
Frames laminated in.