Friday, April 19, 2013

Flutter Launch

In a vane attempt to increase hits to their blogs, some mothies are resorting to building new boats and posting pictures.

The despicable phenomenon of fabricating sensational content merely to increase blog hits has been reported here previously (no no no, not that again).

As a consequence, rather than allowing our meager moth blog to wither away and die as so many before it, we find it necessary to post pictures of other peoples new boats.

Below are the most detailed photos of Nick Flutter's new moth you will find on the web. We've had exclusive access to this nah nah nah...


...for the key...
...and the wind.

This is a rapid prototype stainless steel bell-crank. Despite concerns, it looked a lot sturdier than expected. Will see how it goes over time.
It floats!

The boat felt exceptionally light when lifting off the roof racks and took off well in the marginal wind conditions. A few minor teething issues but for a first sail it was a very good start.

Sorry for the naked photo link...I hate myself :(