Thursday, April 22, 2010

QLD States

QLD moth states over 17-18 April.
Probably the first regatta where the foilers leaked more than the scows.
Fleet was 3x M2, 1x BR RX, 1x BR x8, 1x Assassin, 1x Home built foiler, 1x LR HT, 5ish scows.

More photos here, some are good.

I got back from a trip to china on the 17th, was hoping to make it out on the 18th but was struck down with teh ills, so i caught a ride on a rescue boat instead.

Perfect weather, nice easy 13kts or so when i was there on teh sunday. Appartently the saturday was much windier with some short chop.

Final foiler results:
1. Brent Pearson
2. Sandy Cavill
3. Steve Sherring

Final results for scows:
1. Mick Kohler
2. Pete Williamson
3. Mike Willcocks

Just one skiff, Nick Taylor.

In other news Nick has found an underloved BR RX and is giving it some loving till its sold. w00t! training partner.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

nsw states

great place to sail.

my boat didn't go upwind, just reached back and forth.
don't know how to fix it yet - should be obvious with more practise.

some advice from other people were:
- improve foil finish
- bin the foils and buy new ones
- don't use 40mm cams on 50mm
- wand too far offset from CL
- use more vang

a repair of the push rod rebroke during the 5th race with 3 to go. Nick and I managed to jury rig a tension system and so the boat was back on the water for the final day.

boat at the rock? i thought it was bigger.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sucker for a Pretty Face

Bladerider RX used less than 10 times.
Excellent condition.
$15,000 asking price
Located in Brisbane

Anna.Patterson ( a t )