Friday, September 30, 2011

UFO? / Virtual Punter

n4rks sent this to try to prove to me he has a boat. and it flys. 

i think it is a rather sketchy photo, like those ones of nessie (teh monster, not teh wife), and ufos and stuff. therefore should be subject to doubt. i am even facing the otherway. and winning for that matter. well jack and steve are sort of in front but that's not the point. 

while not sailing nor working and bored i decided to try maknig a version of virtual spectator in rhino script to prove i can do anything in that program. i think it is the best and at 1k worth every penny. i am rather pleased with the results. rendering of the video needs some improvement but it has a lot of potential, and once i have 2D nailed 3D rendered graphics should be simple. background images were systematically raped from google maps at 5 different zoom levels to make up a matrix of around 20,000 tiles. but that is a different story. 

now i just need some decent GPS tracks. 

Monday, September 26, 2011


I was in Hobart for a conference a few weeks ago and while sitting down for breakfast at 8am, noticed a lone rider carving up and down the Derwent.

Upon checking the BOM website the following was revealed...

17-31 knots in the hour or so on the water
11.3 deg lowest real temp
3.1 deg lowest apparent temp

Very keen...

Friday, September 9, 2011


a couple of pictures i have been sitting on from the worlds, first courtesy of Thierry and the second from Ben Rankine.



I purchased a 2 piece mail foil off a friend at the worlds and spent most evenings adapting it to suit the boat. Only got it ready for the final day of racing. On the way to the start line, after 20 seconds of foiling it failed thru the socket, pushrod tearing open the TE of the vertical. 

Once the lifter had departed, the rapid descent must have overloaded the bottom leg of the gantry, it bucking under compression. I have a Dave Lister style articulating gantry which saved the rest of the gantry, but it rotated up and snapped the tiller off on the hull. 

I was able to recover the lifter vertical, gantry and rudder were still attached, but the tiller/worm drive/extension goned.