Monday, October 28, 2013

2014 Yeppoon Nationals

One month till end of early entries.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Daddy Moth Bloogers

Markla and I have both recently acquired the latest must-have moth blog accessories, turning us into daddy moth bloggers. Declan Moth Markla and Abigail Carbon Narkla are both happy and healthy 3 and 2 month olds. The mums are good too.

As such our lives have changed focus somewhat. Let me just say that a 7 foot moth is feasible so watch out optis. Swimming lessons have started and the hiking bench is well underway.

They will both be providing moral support and sleepless nights at the yeppoon nationals. If the waves are anything like Mornington then the moral support will be essential,  the sleepless nights not so much.

If any champions would like to contribute to your ultimate demise...I mean mentor the future of moth sailing, please make yourselves known.

Until then, we'll continue getting our boats ready for the season that started weeks ago.

PS, is it inappropriate to put a baby in a puppy life jacket?
PPS, how do you keep a baby entertained for a 10 hour drive?
Suggestions welcome...