Friday, October 16, 2009

Rock Star Revisited

Alan (light wind God) Goddard is being flown in over the weekend as test pilot of the SLINO. With a national championships heat win under his belt, it will be interesting to see what he makes of it...

nuff said

wtf? see here...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whitsunday's Bareboat Charter

A gang of would-be adventurers will be heading to Airlie Beach Sunday and Monday to begin what will go down in history as either the greatest sailing voyage in history or the greatest sailing fail to befall the Whitsunday's. Fat, Al , Markla, Nessie, Ninja and Ncik/Narkla are the instigators/perpetrators. Frivolity or felony will ensue and we'll be sure to update the mothosphere upon our return if not during the event.

Friday, October 9, 2009


It's been awhile but it appears democracy has prevailed. After numerous recounts, legal rangliing and court orders, the name has finally been set in stone....lets hear it for....drum roll please....


Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to the write-ins, without your support this momentous...ah...moment...would never have been achieved. Thank you.

This does't mean you won't see this craft appear under other names such as "!", "mushroom mushroom" or "bon3r pirate" but atleast we can put something new in the pole (cough-poll-cough...learn to spell if you're going to h4x0r my posts markla (in joke with my mother f00l - M.) (((whatever)))) section.

Incedentially we have also recently discovered that Slino is Slovenian for, well I'll let you find out...

The urban dictionary also has an interesting definition.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Loosing Less

a club championship race today in perfect breeze. A consistant SE 18kts gusting to 20. The first race in foiling wind I have finished and I seem to be loosing by less.

I got the boat foiling nicely upwind but still got no idea which angle to sail down wind. Whenever I try to hot it up and bear away I loose the pressure in the rig and it becomes rather unstable in heel.

Foiling in amongst a fleet is so much fun. Slotting into gaps between a chain if optmists while doing 3-4 times their speed is extrordinary.

Narkla and I took it out in a gusty westerly yesterday. Patchy with gusts up to 18. Narkla has set a new best speed on the boat of 18.6kts and claims, on his first decent sail to have pulled off a foil gybe and a fast foil touch foil tack. I wouldn't know I was at the crab island bar.

My gps is boned. The foretrex 101 battery compartment has leaked and the terminals are very corroded. I have heard others have had this problem. It's a pity it's a great unit and cheap.