Monday, December 17, 2012

AC72 Heel Moment

As with a previous calculation for the moth, watching the AC72s blasting around I wondered about their heel moment characteristics. This time though I had a neat new tool to test out...Autodesk ForceEffect.

 AC72 Heel Moment Report

Blue loads from left are; crew, platform, rig. Pink are reactions.

Make of it what you will, the numbers are rough, the height of the sail restraint is dubious. The items that stand out though are the angle of the resultant hull+foil force and the total hull+foil force...
8.5 tonnes at 24.5 degrees from vertical (and that's just a static load)

Let me know if I've made any major mistakes. Shut your hole if you're an ETNZ fanboy, I couldn't find a photo of New Zealand from the right angle (I'll swap the photo if you supply a good one though.)

In other news, Markla decided that a few weeks before the nationals was a good time to do major structural modifications to his boat. Luckily it all went smoothly and the result is much better than the original

Equally crazy is my goal of coming to the nationals with a new control system...I only started on the weekend. It has been percolating in my brain for ages and now that I have a shed it can be put into practice. Wish me luck.

Photos of the above to come.