Sunday, December 28, 2014

I've made a huge mistake.

With a busted vang bolt that is impossible to replace, it is time to do some mods that have been put-off for a long time. The perfect christmas project...sigh.

The original vang base was too far aft to achieve a decent amount of rake without having issues being able to ease the sail. It is being converted to a strop around the king post to alleviate the issue. To install the strop access beneath the foredeck is required which is where things get exciting and frustrating.

Lots of cutting and grinding of big bloody holes around probably the most complexly loaded part of the hull. Deciding how to seal up the holes is daunting and I'm still not sure how to do it. Hopefully it comes out looking like the picture in my head.


  1. Is this why you aren't at Sorrento?

  2. No, there are other reasons, mostly logistical.

  3. Feed some plastic tube around the kingpost and then overlaminate. Follow with filling all of the holes up.

  4. already got a lug on fwd side of king post, didn't want tube which would restrict rotation of strop.

    the general concept for filling the "holes" is done, the finer details are still being worked out though.

    also gotta put a stiffener down centreline of foredeck on underside.