Wednesday, September 24, 2014

mSCOW Construction Drawings

In my previous post I mentioned I have been working on a set of drawings for a scow for a sailor at my club. Brian has now completed his boat - he has done a great job, it looks fantastic and the carbon foam sandwich mas made it stiff, strong and light. The chain plates and forestay are highly engineered (for a scow) allowing us to make the bow razor thin. 

This design is very much a development from the Bunyip IX. I started with the a table of offsets from this proven hull, refaired it slightly and adapted the shape and construction for carbon foam sandwich. 

From what I understand, the designer of the Bunyip IX, Ray Hilton, passed away in the mid 90s. His son was happy for the plans for this earlier boat to be available free online. The plans for this modern development are also available below. First the PDF construction plans, then the CAD files to issue to get the panels cut, and finally a 3d model for those with the software.  

I used the same construction methodology as my SLINO foiler, using CNC carbon panels and a female assembly jig for rapid construction. As the scows were traditionally a stressed ply construction, the carbon panels look much more 'natural' than my narrow skiff.  

PDF Plans

CAD Cut Files

3d Model